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Loan for the life we desire

All our services are fully smartphone-based. We avoid challenges imposed by traditional institutions, while providing customers worldwide with access to cash and the ability to use it wherever and whenever they choose. We use smartphone data to assess people’s credit. Without bureaucracy or paperwork, we developed a quick approval process that allows people to build or rebuild a solid credit history.

Personal Loan in 5 minutes

  • Enter your Paytm Mobile wallet number in to "Loan Application" and click "Apply Now".
  • Get Instant verification by Aadhaar on-line.
  • Instaent approval by L-Pesa.
  • Check your Paytm Mobile Wallet for cash loan in 5 minutes.

Micro Business Loan 

  • Looking for the best support for quick financing for your business?
  • Try the Micro Business Loan with minimum weekly repayment.

24/7 Weekly Repayment

  • 24/7 Finance, without the pinch. 
  • Transform your finances today by using L-Pesa services.
  • Smaller instalments are more manageable.
  • With L-Pesa, you can pay back your micro-loan with a weekly repayment in micro-instalments.
  • Whether you need money for your personal growth, business development, you name it; you will soon discover that L-Pesa financial services are your secret to financial freedom.

Rates and Fees

The interest rate you will pay depends on your loan amount and credit profile. For medium to long term loans, maximum 1 year, the APR can be up to 20%. On short term loans the APR can be up to 20%. Repayment periods can be between 9 week and 24 months. For each loan we disburse will be charging 2% Processing Fee.


Q - What is the eligibility criteria to qualify for an L-PESA loan?

A - 6 months history with one of our mobile banking partner...

Preferred Customer

Establishing and maintaining long term mutual rewarding relationships is a primary focus for L-Pesa. To fulfill this mandate, every customer is offered the opportunity to become a preferred customer, so that they can experience more benefits, ad...

Your Credit Score

At L-Pesa, we have developed a credit score system to enable those who pay back their loans on time access to more funds when they need them. We use this score to differentiate our high-risk customers from our low-risk ones. If you are a low-ris...